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Introducing the Boba Squadron!

I am SO excited to announce a new project with Kevin AKA Toying Around, Ernie The Fallen Fett, and Paul Sun-Hyung Lee! We had such a great time recapping The Book of Boba Fett that we didn't want the fun to stop- and Kenobi on May 25th seems SO far away- so we decided to keep things rolling with our very own podcast!

The Boba Squadron will drop weekly on Mondays, wherever you listen to podcasts! Our goal for this show is to be about 50% Star Wars, 50% other topics related to pop culture and collecting. We'll still have special live episodes on occasion, and we'll fully be back live once Kenobi gets going!

Our first episode just launched today:

And ICYMI, we had an "emergency" get-together last week when the trailer for Kenobi dropped! Who else can't wait!!!

Let me know if you give the Boba Squadron a listen and what else you'd like to hear us cover! THANK YOU for your support!!!


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