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Marvel Studios Infinity Saga Pumps Unboxing!

I recently opened up the set of Marvel Studios Infinity Saga Pumps by Toy Sapiens, a blind box collection of shoes inspired by some of our favorite MCU characters. This set was only available in Japan, but I just had to track them down for my collection, and purchased my set from Amiami.

Shoutout to Amanda Barker for designing this beautiful series! She even jumped in on my stream to check out my unboxing, which was a fun surprise.

Cryptozoic did a series of DC Pumps a few years ago - looks like they are still available! - and I have a few of those too. The DC Pumps are a little larger than the Marvel versions, standing 2.25" tall vs. 1.75" tall. The Cryptozoic set also had some chase variants in the mix, which is always fun.

If you end up purchasing any Marvel OR DC Pumps, make sure to tag me on Instagram if you purchase it too so I can claim my Enablers points! :D



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