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2020 Wasn't ALL Bad, Right?

How cute were we all back in January, full of optimism and believing that YES, this is going to be my year! Back then, I had plenty of reasons to be excited about what 2020 could bring. Of course, you know there was a twist.

But, I'm not here to focus on the hard parts of the year. As I scrolled through all my photos from this year, I thought to myself, you know what? I still managed to do some pretty cool stuff in 2020, even if most of it was in the first 10 weeks of the year.

My January was off to an amazing start. As I did in 2019, I headed to Orlando mostly for WDW Marathon weekend and ran the 10K- always an accomplishment in my book. Of course that also meant hitting the parks and most significantly, it meant I got to ride Rise of the Resistance and it was INCREDIBLE. Not being able to go back to the parks this year has been a bummer, but I'm so glad I at least had the chance to experience this ride. I did manage to squeeze in one Disneyland trip, just a single day at the parks for Pixar After Dark night, way back on March 5- just a week before the parks would shut down. I did get that epic Toy Story group photo (and a Club 33 visit too!).

A couple of work-related but not entirely work-related highlights: I got to visit Lucasfilm and I regret not hitting that gift shop a little harder. Toy Fair in NYC also happened way back in February, and for once I made the time to see a Broadway show during a Toy Fair trip. If seeing Moulin Rouge was the only thing I did this year, it still would have been a special year. I'm heartbroken for all of the Broadway performers who have been unable to work, and I can't wait to see more shows once everything opens back up. Starting with Moulin Rouge again.

Then, the world stopped, and dalgona coffee happened. Working from home seemed like a treat at first, but adjustments definitely had to be made. Mostly, cats. And then... I wasn't working anymore.

In hindsight, having a summer off was actually pretty great. Summers in the Pacific Northwest can't be beat, and I haven't been able to fully enjoy one at home in a long time. I was able to spend a lot of time with my parents (and the pup) and help them in their garden, getting my fill of fresh veggies (shishito peppers are in the photo above) and raspberries. I was able to dive into the huge stack of books I have been meaning to read, and finally had time to watch a bunch of movies I just never got around to watching before.

There's always a a silver lining, right? And the silverest lining of all was finding a new opportunity with Super7. It's funny to think I never would have ended up here in a world without covid, as 1) I presumably wouldn't have been looking and 2) being forced to work remotely opened up doors that wouldn't have been there otherwise! Super7 is based in San Francisco, and they have fully embraced the remote lifestyle, hiring several new employees other than myself from around the country. I'm three months in, and so happy and grateful to have been able to join an amazing team. (Did you see my Haunted Mansion unboxing video?)

I'm not sure how different 2021 will be, especially the first half of the year, but fingers crossed things will change soon- I sure can't wait to travel again.


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