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A new beginning

Hi everyone,

If you're reading this, you probably know me as Yoko from Funko. You may have already heard that Funko & I recently went our separate ways. I have a lot of feelings about this, and the truth is this: I had the time of my life working for Funko- some truly amazing experiences I will never forget. But most of all, I met some incredible people, and I will be forever grateful that Funko brought these friends into my life.

You may also already know that I love Disney, including (especially?) all the amazing treats you can find at the parks and beyond! Of course I'm not local to any of the parks, but whenever I get the chance to go, my favorite thing to do is to scope out the new eats and post photos on Instagram with #yokoeatsdisneytreats. I decided it was finally time for me to turn that hashtag into something more!

So, here we are. I'm not exactly sure where we're going yet, but I hope you'll stick around and geek out over Disney goodness with me. Let me know if you have any ideas!

Love you guys!


P.S. A HUGE shoutout to the super talented Bradley Grey for creating my logo for me!


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