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Aladdin & Jasmine QPosket Petit Unboxing Video!

Updated: May 7, 2019

I am back with a NEW unboxing video! We're checking out Aladdin and Princess Jasmine from the Qposket Petit line.

This video features a couple of guest stars... my orange kitties, Larry and Lucy! I didn't invite them, but they decided to show up anyway, which is pretty typical. They should probably do all of my videos for me.

A HUGE thank you to Fugitive Toys for these Qposkets!!

As I mention at the end of this video, the lipstick I'm wearing is Jasmine from ColourPop's Disney collection- you can use my referral link to check them out, if you'd like!

Thank you again for watching, liking, subscribing, and/or commenting! I'll be back my with a new video soon- I'm so excited to show off this next one!!



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