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Bo Peep Unboxing - Toy Story Signature Collection & Interactive Talking Friends!

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Bo Peep is back in a major way for Toy Story 4, and we have been seeing a TON of merch for her!

In my attempt to be a smarter collector (AKA not buying every version of everything), I narrowed it down to my two favorite Bo Peep dolls- the Signature Collection, showcasing her look from the original film, and one with her updated look. Make sure you watch my video above to learn why I picked the Interactive Talking Friends Bo Peep!

If you want to add the Signature Collection Bo Peep to your collection... well, unfortunately, it may already be too late to find her at retail. She is a Target exclusive, so definitely take a look on the Target app or website to see if she's still available at a location near you. It seems like they kept her pretty limited- only one store anywhere near me had her, and I am so grateful for my friend who drove out to pick her up for me before she sold out! Who knows, maybe we'll see more later?

The Interactive Talking Friends Bo Peep is also a delight (especially with the added bonus of Giggle!). You can find her through my direct Amazon link below! (Please note that any purchases made through my Amazon links may result in a small kickback for me!)

What do you think of these Bo Peeps? Have you picked any up for yourself? Do you think Bo Peep will turn out to be the villain of Toy Story 4!? Let me know what you think in the comments!

For the record, I do NOT think Bo Peep is a villain.



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