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Chris Sabat Panel at WA Summer Con!

A few days before WA Summer Con began, I was asked to fill in to moderate Chris Sabat's panel after the original host had to pull out. This was a new experience for me and even tried to turn it down, but was convinced to give it a shot.

For those of you who aren't aware, Chris Sabat is pretty much THE GUY when it comes to American anime voice actors. I know him best as the dubbed voice of All Might in My Hero Academia, but many know him as Vegeta (and a handful of other characters) from the world of Dragon Ball, among a TON of other credits.

When I briefly met him before the panel, I warned him I was new at this and knew nothing about Dragon Ball. Despite jokingly threatening to make me look foolish, he so kindly tried to set my nerves at ease, telling me not to worry because he was totally comfortable carrying the conversation (this would prove to be true).

You'll see I made it through, even after quickly getting completely distracted by an adorable puppy!

Thank you AGAIN to both Chris for being a wonderful guest, and to WA Summer Con for inviting me to do this! What a FUN experience, and now with a little tiny more confidence to do something like this again in the future, should the opportunity arise!


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