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Gacha Gacha by Japan Crate!

Japan Crate is known for their monthly subscription box filled with delicious Japanese treats, but they also have other specially catered boxes- including one full of awesome gachapon toys! They offered to send me their April box, and I was so excited to open it up!

What's gachapon? Gachapon machines are coin-operated machines you can find all over Japan filled with all sorts of capsule prizes, featuring characters from throughout pop culture and more! Check out Gacha Gacha Crate to get your own!

I unboxed this live on my Twitch stream, and have reposted the video to live on forever on YouTube! Check it out above, and let me know if you decide to get a Gacha Gacha Crate of your own!

Thank you Japan Crate for sending me this box!

Hang out with me on Twitch & subscribe on YouTube!


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