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My Favorite Teami Blends Products

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen me post about Teami Blends before. Now that I have been using their products for about a year and a half, I wanted to share my favorite products with you!

I do want to be upfront that as a Teami Blends influencer, I do receive a small kickback from any purchases made using my promo codes. I only post about products I have tried and will always give my honest opinion.

My current active code is YOKO25 for a 25% discount that will be active through the end of July! I also have a Teami Blends highlight on my Instagram profile, where I always save my latest promo codes and any flash deals that may pop up.

When Teami first contacted me in early 2019, I was skeptical, having made the incorrect assumption that it was one of those sketchy diet tea trends. After giving them a closer look, seeing what they were about (all natural ingredients!) and all the positive reviews, I changed my mind and decided to give them a try.

I came for the tea, but I stayed for the skincare products!

My favorites:

  • Vitamin C Serum - If I had to pick a single favorite Teami Blends product, this would probably be it. It smells amazing (hello, hibiscus and grapefruit!) and is like magic on your skin. Instant hydration, making your skin brighter and smoother.

  • Gentle Superfood Liquid Cleanser - I have been using this for a couple weeks, and it is flying up the leader board. I love how it smells and how smooth my face feels after using it. My only issue is that the pump is very sensitive and shoots out more product than necessary, so I have to remember to push on it ever so slightly!

  • Green Tea Detox Mask & Facial Scrub - Masks and exfoliating products can be so rough on your skin, but not these! I use the scrub a few times a week and immediately feel its benefits. I try to use the mask once a week, and at least apply it on trouble spots if I don't feel like covering my entire face.

  • Soothe Facial Oil - This smells heavenly to this lavender loving gal. It has become an important step in my nightly routine, breathing in the calming scent while applying it into my skin. You don't even need to add moisturizer after this.

  • Relax Tea Blend - I have trouble winding down at night, but a cup of this tea (a blend of chamomile, my favorite lavender, and lemon grass) and a good book will do just the trick!

  • Tea Tumbler - I have too many bottles and mugs, but this is probably my favorite tumbler. It is double-walled to keep your tea hot for a long time without burning your hands, is easy to clean, comes with a tea strainer so you can just dump your loose tea leaves straight in, has a storage compartment at the bottom, and comes in so many different colors! Highly recommend, especially for you on-the-go loose tea drinkers.

Currently trying:

  • Teami Restore - This supplement is designed to help you unwind and de-stress. I have only tried it a couple times so far, so jury is still out for me. But the orange flavor is very pleasant, and increasing my magnesium and calcium intake is great. I'm not sure that it helps me relax or feel calm, but I also don't think I have been setting myself up to feel these benefits (like, I'm probably not supposed to play Fortnite after drinking this). Will provide an update on Instagram at a later time!

Other products I have tried:

  • Repair and Glow Facial Oils - I like these a lot too, just not as much as Soothe. I don't love Repair's scent as much, but the results are still great. i use all three oils, rotating between Repair & Glow in the morning, and Soothe at night.

  • Butterfly Toner Mist - Honestly, not sure what it really does for me, but it's pretty and smells wonderful.

  • Clear Quartz Facial Roller - Same as above, basically! Definitely feels amazing, and even if it doesn't actually have any direct benefits, there is absolutely nothing wrong with a little indulgent self-care. We deserve it!

  • Greens Superfood Powder - I like this product a lot, but haven't gotten into the habit of using it regularly. I think that I would once life gets back to normal, in terms of having a regular schedule. It's an easy way to get your daily intake of veggies in just one scoop packed with 16 superfoods! Teami sent me this product for free, and honestly, I was so ready to hate it. But they surprised me again! It tastes like matcha, and I enjoy mixing mine into a glass of orange juice. I'm sure it would be great added into smoothies as well.

  • MIXit Smoothie Blender - And speaking of smoothies, this portable blender! Of course stay-at-home orders fell into place shortly after I received my blender, negating the need for "on-the-go" anything. But, hypothetically, so convenient- just charge it ahead of time (via USB) and you don't have to worry about plugging it in anywhere when you're ready to mix up your smoothie or protein shake!

  • Energy Tea - This was the very first product that Teami sent me. It's good, but it didn't seem to give me the energy boost I hoped for. I just can't seem to shake my dependency on coffee. Maybe I'm not trying hard enough?

  • Boost Tea - In my experience, this didn't have a strong matcha flavor, mostly peppermint with a hint of vanilla. I'm not mad about that. Same comment as above applies here too.

  • Focus Tea - Before quarantine, I kept this blend at work for when I needed an afternoon pick-me-up. I can't say that I ever noticed any effect on my mental clarity, but it certainly didn't hurt!

  • Skinny Tea & Colon Cleanse (Teami Detox) - These teas are supposed to be part of a 30-day plan, and I have started a couple times, but can't get more than a week in. I think if you can commit to the plan and eat clean during the process, you will see results, but... I haven't been able to do that! Also, if you read the directions on the colon cleanse and follow them appropriately, you will be fine. ;)

Have you tried any Teami Blends products? Are you picking anything up? Let me know if you have any questions! And if you do decide to try anything, don't forget to save some money with promo code YOKO25! Thank you for your support!


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