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Toy Story 4 Officer Giggle McDimples Unboxing Video!

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Bo Peep's loyal companion, Officer Giggle McDimples (voiced by Ally Maki) was my favorite new character in Toy Story 4!

I purchased the Pet Patrol playset immediately (anyone else have a hard time saying that? Pet... Patrol... playset) as I love how it invoked the memories of Polly Pocket.

There are three different spots for Giggle to fit securely in Pet Patrol- upstairs by her bulletin board, downstairs by the kitchen sink, and of course, in her little car. So. cute.

After watching Toy Story 4 and confirming that Giggle was a character worthy of my adoration, I had to pick up the talking figure too. You press down on her little police hat (you don't "bounce the bottom of her head" like I said in the video, what the heck am I even saying) and you'll see one of three different facial expressions and hear one of over 20 sound bites, including her already iconic laugh! This figure stands about 5" tall.

I hope there is more for Giggle McDimples on the horizon! I think there is more story to be told with her!

Find both these toys on Amazon or wherever Toy Story 4 items are sold.

Did you guys like Giggle as much as I did?! Let me know who your favorite new character is!



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