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The Mandalorian Topps Trading Cards!

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

The Mandalorian Season 2 is upon us, and so are Topps trading cards covering everything that happened in Season 1!

I purchased both the hobby box and a blaster box. The hobby box is actually a metal tin shaped, of course, like The Mandalorian's helmet. It contains 8 packs of 7 cards each, with one guaranteed autograph or sketch card in the box. I was able to pre-order this for $85, but seems like some retailers have it priced as high as $135 at this time.

The blaster box includes 10 packs of 6 cards each, plus one special medallion card. No auto cards, but you get more cards here than you do in the hobby box, and for just $20. This feels like the much better deal, especially with how cool the medallion cards are! There's a chance to pull a rare medallion card too, although I got one of the common versions.

The base set is 100 cards, plus parallels and subsets typical to any card set. The subsets include Characters, Concept Art, Tools of the Bounty Hunter, and my favorite of the set- Aliens & Creatures.

I prefer the lothcats as we see them on Rebels (aka CUTE lothcats, these are kinda scary looking) but I'm all for more lothcat love! Bring me all the lothcat merch!

My favorite pull!

I did get an autograph, but you'll have to watch the video to find out who I pulled!

Are you collecting any of these cards? I'm going to attempt to complete this set, so let me know if you want to trade! I am probably going to buy another blaster box or two, if only to get more medallion cards!

If you watch my video, you'll see I finally got the Ahsoka Tano Rebels Legacy Lightsabers from Galaxy's Edge- I'll post more about those another day!



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