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Toy Story 4 Hot Wheels, Thinkway Toys Space Alien & Mattel Tinny Action Figure Unboxing Video!

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

This week's unboxing video features a semi-random assortment of Toy Story 4 purchases and a guest star: my cat Larry.

Here's a better look at the Toy Story 4 Hot Wheels lineup, as I mention in the video:

I really tried to avoid buying the Hot Wheels, but during one of my frequent trips to Target, I happened to run into a Hot Wheels rep merchandising her section in the Toy Story aisle. She saw me looking at the Forky car and told me that it was flying off the shelves. I'm not sure if she suckered me into the purchase or not, but... here we are.

I looove my original Toy Story talking/light-up Space Alien (truth time: I have two! One has been set free from its packaging), and I was excited to see an updated version of it. That was the first Toy Story 4 item I purchased, along with the interactive Bo Peep I unboxed earlier.

I was a few years off on Tin Toy- it came out in 1988, but it did win the Academy Award for Best Animated Short that year. You can definitely find it on YouTube (I didn't link to it here because I'm not entirely confident it's SUPPOSED to be there, ha), and it's worth a watch to understand the history of this character!

I found Tinny on, although he doesn't appear to be listed anymore. Hopefully he'll come back, if it's one that you wanted to add to your collection!

1 comment

1 Comment

Sean Omaye-Byrne
Sean Omaye-Byrne
Jun 11, 2019

Larry 4 president. 😸

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