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Toy Story Signature Collection Ducky & Bunny Unboxing Video!

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

My Ducky & Bunny originated in San Diego and traveled through Disneyland (at one point Bunny had a plastic bag over his head to remain hidden) before being shoved in a giant duffel bag to come back home with me, a journey which might rival the one their characters go on in Toy Story 4.

But the struggle was worth it- these guys are amazing.

They do both talk, featuring the voices of Keegan-Michael Key & Jordan Peele of course, and they have velcro fasteners on one... hand? paw?... that allow them to join together. Adorable.

Bunny is a whopping 16" tall and retails at $59.99, while Ducky measures in about 10" and costs $42.99. Along with Bo Peep, they are exclusive to Target. Keep an eye on these links - Ducky & Bunny - to check the inventory at your local Target or see if they become available online again.

Collecting the Toy Story Signature Collection definitely isn't cheap, but it's easily my favorite line. I love that they are movie accurate and the closest thing to Andy's (or Bonnie's) "real" toys!

What do you guys think about Ducky and Bunny? Only one month to go before we find out!!



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