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Video: Tokidoki Bambino Unicornos!

It's time for another super cute Unicorno unboxing video! The Bambino series is special because all of these unicorns have an adorable baby Unicorno riding on its back! It is one of the most precious things you'll ever see.

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Here are some more photos of these adorable creatures!

I realized as I was editing my video that a couple waves of Unicornos had definitely been released before San Diego Comic-Con 2013, and the exclusive Unicornos were not my first purchase. But they WERE my first in-person SDCC exclusive purchase! Here's a look at my Scooter family!

What do you guys think of this Bambino series? In case it wasn't clear, I absolutely adore them. I think my favorites are... Scooter. Sakura. Miso. Kaili. Can I have four favorites?

In Series 2, I would love to see my other favorite, Kaijucorno!! One of the sushi style Unicornos would be amazing too.

I can't wait for the new Halloween series that should be coming soon! Here's a link to my unboxing video of last year's Hallween set in case you missed that.

Find the Bambino Unicornos and so much more at Fugitive Toys!



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