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Video: November Japan Crate!

I have known about Japan Crate for a while, but had been watching and admiring it from a distance. Finally, the right coupon code landed in my email inbox, and in a moment of weakness, I finally decided to pull the trigger! I hit YouTube Live with my November box the evening it arrived.

I loved every treat in the box, even the ones I pretended to be mad at. The small surprises are a fun touch , and I love that one drink and one DIY kit were also included!

The highlight was, of course, the full size bag of apple pie Kit Kats and the almond Pocky! Upon reading the little booklet that came with the box, I learned that there were two possibilities for the Kit Kats- apple pie, or chestnut! Being a more "Japanese" flavor, I would have loved to try the chestnut Kit Kats, as tasty as apple pie was.

I can't wait to try my Demon Slayer coffee in the morning- I will update this as soon as I try it. As I mentioned during the unboxing, I absolutely love canned Japanese coffee drinks so I'm sure I will love this too. This drink was a bit of a variable in the crates as well; while everyone got the same coffee beverage, the art on the can features various Demon Slayer characters.

Both of these savory snacks were delicious as well- a basil, cheese, and garlic flavored cracker they refer to as a scone, and the Hokkaido soy sauce corn snacks. Both of these have the texture of a Cheeto.

I feel like I should mention: no kitty cats or Star Wars collectibles were harmed in the making of this video.

Have you tried Japan Crate? Did I make you want to try it? Let me know if you do!


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