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Video: Pizza Planet Alien Remix Unboxing!

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Special delivery! It's the Pizza Planet Alien Remix figure that was one of Mattel's San Diego Comic Con At Home 2020 exclusives.

I was really expecting to have to put the truck together, so this went a lot quicker than I had planned!

Here are some more photos!

If you want to add the Pizza Planet Alien figure to your collection, bad news is, it sold out immediately from Mattel and as a "con exclusive" they most likely won't be putting it back into production. However, the good news is there seems to be plenty on eBay- and before you scoff at me about paying flipper prices, allow me to point out that the going rate isn't bad AT ALL. The retail price was $20, but after tax and shipping, I paid about $30. You can totally snag one on eBay for around $30-40!

As I mentioned in the video, I have been staying away from the Alien Remix line in general, as there is just too much stuff. I picked up the Buzz Lightyear Alien, recently ordered Tinny from ShopDisney, and would like to find Woody at some point- but at this point, I think that's going to be it for my Alien Remix collection!

What do you think about the Alien Remix line? Are you being choosy like me, going all in, or not picking any up at all? Let me know!



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