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Video: Tokidoki Unicorno After Dark Series 1!

I knew this spooky set was coming, but I didn't know it would be coming so soon!

The details in each of these "After Dark" Unicornos is amazing. We have flocked wings, we have translucent bodies, we have zombie hands, but do we have the chase?!

Spoiler alert... it seems my chaser luck has run dry, for the time being. But that just means I have a better chance at it next time, right? *nods enthusiastically*

I grabbed my set from Fugitive Toys- here's the link if you're interested in picking some up!

I loved last year's Halloween series too (yes, I used the same music, because it's amazing), although of course this one isn't being branded as a Halloween specific set. I'm sure a lot of you horror fans are open to there being spooky pony releases year-round! I look forward to seeing what else comes out.



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