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Video: Tokidoki Unicorno Series 9!

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

Series 9 snuck up sooner than I was expecting, but I didn't mind one bit!

Pio Pio, as I covered extensively in this video, just cracks me up (pun unintended, actually) and I love it so much.

And here's a closer look at Arctico with its mysterious fossil preserved inside. Looks like a dino, right??

The more I look at Autumn, the more I love her, though- especially paired with Cheeky!

What's your favorite from Series 9??

ALSO- I'm going to start doing weekly live unboxings on YouTube! Check out my first attempt here where I opened up some Pokemon goodies. I'm going to try out some different days of the week or times so be sure to subscribe and hit that notification bell if you want to be alerted when I go live!



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