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Disneyland Holiday Treats 2019!

Today marked the end of the holiday season at Disney Parks, and we'll have to wait another year (or, more realistically, 9 to 10 months) to enjoy Christmassy treats again!

Early December really is my favorite time of year to visit Disneyland, as it's early enough in the holiday season before the parks get super busy! I had two full days at the parks and I was intent on maximizing every bite.

My #1 goal of this trip was to obtain a handmade candy cane. Disneyland candy artists make these beautiful, giant candy canes during the holiday season, and there are only a certain number available each day. The dates they are available are announced by late November, along with where they'll be- Candy Palace in Disneyland, or Trolley Treats in California Adventure. You need to be there right at opening to pick up a wristband, which gives you a time frame to come back later in the day to claim your prize!

Candy cane wristband secured!

I got in about half an hour before the park opened, and had no problem getting my wristband. Success!

Pro tip: Get a locker to store your precious candy cane so you don't need to worry about it breaking in your bag as you enjoy the parks the rest of the day!

The candy cane comes packaged in bubble wrap and with the cutest gift tag sticker (as if I had any intention of gifting this!!). You can watch the candy canes being made through the windows too, which always gives me an extra appreciation of the treats I am about to enjoy.

At $15.99, it's definitely not the cheapest candy cane you'll come across, but for me the experience was well worth it- and it's definitely delicious!

Pro tip: Take advantage of mobile ordering at locations like Hungry Bear!

You heard me mention it was an early morning, and so I enjoyed TWO special holiday themed cold brews that first day. I started with the snickerdoodle cold brew from Hungry Bear. This was delicious! The cookie almost sunk immediately, but it was sitting there on top initially. I wished I had remembered to bring my own plastic straw, as the paper straw got soggy and terrible immediately- hard to get those cookie chunks!

Later that day, I enjoyed the Nova coffee slush from Galactic Grill, and I loooooved this. Basically it's a peppermint coffee slushie, and I enjoyed every sip.

The next items on my list were two special varieties of a Disneyland classic, beignets! First, I thoroughly enjoyed the peppermint beignets from Mint Julep.

The hot chocolate beignets from Cafe Orleans were rich enough to consider as a meal. It was like a second breakfast for me, as I booked the earliest reservation in the day for these (I think it was 11:15). They paired great with coffee to tame the sweetness just a little bit.

Beignets, beignet all day. Another must-have treat for me this holiday season was the peppermint Christmas tree soft serve ice cream cone from Cozy Cone, and it did not disappoint!

Of course, I made the churro rounds as well. I didn’t quite get to every single one I wanted, but I did enjoy three great options.

The sparkly and pretty Christmas tree churro (by the Pooh ride), covered in green sugar and gold glitter, came with a tasty cherry pie dipping sauce that made it a star. The peppermint churro (found by the Redwood Creek Challenge in DCA) helped me realize that as much as I love peppermint, not everything needs to be peppermint.

They were all good options but the sugar cookie churro from Cozy Cone was easily my favorite of the three! I hope to enjoy that one again next holiday season. The fried chicken plate from Plaza Inn is always a solid choice for dinner, especially when paired with a special dessert! Look at how beautiful this cake was.

Other than the aforementioned fried chicken, I did eat SOME other savory foods too! Like...

The phenomenal Thanks-mas sandwich from Jolly Holiday Bakery.

My favorite soup of all-time, the gumbo from Cafe Orleans (also Blue Bayou)! Like it’s so good I could eat this every day for the rest of my life kind of delicious.

And some goodness from the Festival of Holidays at California Adventure! Shrimp and grits, pork belly, and a Mickey shaped reimagined beef wellington!

Did you make it out to the parks this holiday season? What did I miss and what was your favorite?? Let me know- and wishing everyone a very happy New Year!

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