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Halloween Disneyland Treats!

I had a last-minute work trip to SoCal come up last week, so I decided to sneak in a quick day at Disneyland while I was in town! I was so excited for the unexpected opportunity to get in some Halloween Disney treats. You may have seen these photos already if you follow me on Instagram, but here's a little #YokoEatsDisneyTreats recap!

I started my day at Rancho del Zocalo because there was only one treat I absolutely HAD to have on this trip and I wanted to make sure I got it: the pan dulce ice cream sandwich.

This beautiful dessert was eeeeeverything. The base is a Mexican sweet bread with dulce de leche ice cream, cajeta (caramel sauce), and churro streusel (crunchy bits). It held up surprisingly well for it being 96 degrees while I quickly scarfed down some nachos first- gotta get that protein in to last a whole day at the park!- until I finally gave in to temptation and turned all my attention to my ice cream sandwich.

As I said on my Instagram post, it would probably be best for you to share this, but you definitely won't want to. If you're able to get to the park between now and Halloween, you gotta get to Rancho del Zocalo and give this one a try.

I also had the Frozen Abuelita Horchata, which is frozen Mexican hot chocolate mixed with horchata, topped with spiced whipped cream. This was highly enjoyable on this very hot day and I would order it again.

They can't all be winners though. I impulsively added on the Orange Sugar Skull Pot de Crème and quickly regretted it. I couldn't put my finger on what it was, but there was something about the chocolate flavor that I just wasn't into. Probably for the best though, as I had just inhaled the previous two desserts (let's be honest, that beverage is really a dessert).

There were a few churros on my list, but I was only able to get to one on this trip. I prioritized the horchata churro, and it did not disappoint! The churro itself didn't taste too different from a regular one (maybe a little more cinammony than usual?) but the condensed milk dipping sauce is what makes it great. Find the Horchata churro at the stand outside Goofy's Sky School.

You may recall I tried making a homemade version of these last year! Those were super sweet, but the real Cozy Cone "Spoke-y" Cone Macarons? Even sweeter. They're so dang cute though, I would have a hard time passing up getting it every Halloween season. Just be prepared for the sweetness and definitely have a friend or more to share it with.

I did try a savory item off the Halloween menu! These are the Royal Street Veranda’s Professor Phineas Plump Cure All Fritters, which are pimento cheese fritters with ghost pepper ranch dipping sauce. It was a nice change of pace after all the pure sugar I had been consuming, and the dipping sauce had a great kick to it- not overwhelming or unbearably hot.

Before I left, I picked up two pastries from Jolly Holiday Bakery and enjoyed them the next day.

The sweet potato hand pie has been all over Instagram this Halloween season, so I had to give it a try. It definitely put me right in the holiday spirit, and I especially enjoyed the flaky crust. I actually wouldn't have minded just eating plain crust.

The Mummy Macaron isn't new to Disneyland, but it was the first time I had tried it, and why hadn't I had it before!? It's a vanilla cookie with a cookies & cream center, and turned out to be my second favorite treat of this trip. While also very sweet, I'm a sucker for cookies & cream, and I loved it.

Have you been able to hit up the Disney Parks this Halloween season? If so, what was your favorite Halloween treat? Let me know what I missed!


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