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A few of my favorite small shops!

Updated: May 28, 2020

When I'm not perusing Disney treats on Instagram, I'm usually searching for other Disney goodies. There are so many treasures out there, and I am sure buying my share this Black Friday weekend!

As today was Small Business Saturday, I wanted to share a few of my favorite shops. They might still have deals going on, so check them out ASAP!

This shop is amazing. Their pins are so clever, the bottle openers and glassware are great quality, and - OMG!! - have you seen their brand new Bubble Gum Bag!? It is stunning. And just as important, it will not break the bank!

I can't wait for Attractioneering to reveal more products from their Park Candy line, along with the other holiday surprises they have promised (like some gorgeous ornaments that have just hit their shop)!

Photo from Attractioneering - available to preorder now!

This shop has become my go-to when I'm looking to complete a themed outfit! Adorable and affordable, you can get accessories for literally every occasion. And it seems that I sure have, as I am up to nine pairs of earrings alone (possibly more, I'm not convinced I found them all for this photo!) with a few more on the way. I may have had a hard time limiting myself with the new holiday collection. FemmeDeBloom covers such a wide array of characters- and not just Disney. YES hello, Clueless earrings!!

Instagram: @FemmeDeBloom

I am biased when it comes to this shop as the owner, Michelle, is my friend! But I know you'll agree with me that her pins are seriously cute. And many of them involve my favorite subject: Disney treats! Like Pua in a cupcake! Groot holding a churro! Disney hunks- and others- with cotton candy! Treats aside, she also has a whole series of pins on the way starring my beloved comfy princesses!!

Keep an eye on Michelle's Etsy shop as well for blinged Mickey Pop Sockets and other sparkly surprises! (BTW Michelle... I need one of those :D)

Instagram: @PoplinePins

Photo from Utinni Bikini

This shop's pins are what initially caught my attention (unicorn porgs, come on), but they have so much other fun stuff for Star Wars fans in particular- especially us porg lovers! In fact, there is so much fun stuff that the only reason I hadn't purchased anything yet was because I couldn't make a decision. Seriously, I want all the porg things. I was so close to purchasing a porg swimsuit for my Hawaii trip last month but was worried it wouldn't arrive in time... so next time, perhaps! But I did finally place my first order and I can't wait to rock my new jewelry.

Instagram: @UtinniBikini

Pins from Attractioneering

I hope you check out my favorite shops, and let them know I sent you! Feel free to share your favorite Disney inspired makers in the comments below!!

Happy shopping!

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