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Ahsoka Lightsabers & RockLove Jewelry!

I mentioned my Ahsoka lightsabers in an earlier post, and wanted to share a little more about them. They aren't brand new, but they are new to me! These are the Legacy Lightsabers that have been available at Galaxy's Edge since it opened in 2019, and based on the pair she uses in the Rebels series.

This set was $200 before tax, and does not include the blades (which I do not own yet) or kyber crystals. They do come in a really cool case adorned with the Fulcrum logo, and I love the case so much, I'm going to display my hilts in the case.

Ahsoka's Clone Wars lightsabers were announced earlier this year too and have just hit Galaxy's Edge in WDW, so hopefully they will expand out west or online soon too. I will need those as well!

As I took photos of my lightsabers, I realized I never shared some big Ahsoka purchases from earlier this year! Unfortunately, these items are not available anymore, so apologies if you feel like I'm rubbing it in that I was able to get these. :D

The ears sold out in seconds when they launched on shopDisney on May the 4th. I was actually unsuccessful in my attempt to purchase these, but lucky for me, a friend of mine managed to snag them. I am so happy to have them!

These designer ears are more expensive than the regular Parks ears (which are spendy enough!) at around $80. But they do come in a special box! They are probably too valuable for me to be able to wear at the parks without being worried about them, but they do look perfect displayed on my shelf.

RockLove Jewelry teamed up with Her Universe this summer for a couple of just absolutely amazing pieces that I love so very much. I did an unboxing video on IGTV, which you can watch here.

The bracelet (which was a limited edition of 1000 pieces) and the necklace both came with cards signed by Ashley Eckstein herself, the voice of Ahsoka Tano and founder of Her Universe! Such a nice bonus to include that with the jewelry.

If you watched the video, you'll see that both the necklace and bracelet come with beautiful Ahsoka quotes inscribed on the inside. The bracelet shares a "fortune cookie" message from the Clone Wars episode titled "The Wrong Jedi": “Never give up hope, no matter how dark things seem.” The quote on the necklace is from Rebels: "A new day, a new beginning."

I love that these quotes can take on special meaning for whoever owns these special pieces. I know they do for me.



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