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Celebrating Mando Mondays with shopDisney!

This post is sponsored by shopDisney and ShopStyle, and includes affiliate links where I may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you.

I was so honored when I was offered the opportunity to partner with shopDisney and ShopStyle to promote Mando Mondays. You must be able to imagine my reaction when that email dropped into my inbox. My dream partnership, and for The Mandalorian!

I have done my fair share of Mando Monday shopping, and I’m sure I’ll be doing even more as the weeks go by. Now, I am set up from head to toe with a brand new wardrobe while online shopping (with, you know, some work in between)! Here’s a look at the new pieces I picked up.

OK, maybe subtle isn't the best word for this hoodie, and I originally anticipated it being a little too flashy for my taste. But after trying it on, I fell in love with it. I think it could pass as a camo print and is super comfy. The front of the hoodie reads "THE CHILD" and then in smaller letters underneath, "THE FORCE IS STRONG WITH THIS LITTLE ONE."

A couple important features to note: First, as you can see in my pics, it is much bluer in real life than it is on the shopDisney listing! I love the blue tint myself. Second, please notice there is no front pocket, in case that's a feature you prefer.

Who else has too many tumblers but keeps buying them for some reason anyway? This one though. So. Cute. How can we not!

Around my wrist in all these photos, you'll see I'm wearing a Lokai bracelet featuring The Child. What makes Lokai bracelets special? As they state: Each bracelet is infused with extreme elements, water from Mount Everest and mud from the Dead Sea, reminding us to stay humble during life's highs and hopeful through its lows. I love that message a lot- the past couple of years have really taught me this lesson.

Now let's talk spirit jerseys. Gotta have them! I have spoken.

OK, I'll speak some more. I love this spirit jersey! I appreciate that it's more subtle, as far as spirit jerseys go sometimes. My favorite part of course is the actually shiny Mando helmet on the chest! You'll see the sandy colored Mandalorian logo across the back in some photos below, along with the Mudhorn logo on the right arm. I just love this spirit jersey so much.

And because we love options- The Child of course has his own spirit jersey too!

This mug is now my official companion while I stay up late on Thursday night to watch the newest episode of The Mandalorian. If Mando's helmet is more your style, I totally respect your decision.

I love baseball caps, and although I don't wear them very often, I have a ton. This usually happens because I don't think about needing one until I'm somewhere (for example, Disneyland) dying in extreme sunshine, so then I buy a hat. Then I don't bring it with me next time, rinse and repeat, I buy another hat. You can find the adorable one I'm wearing in all these photos here.

These leggings are super cute, soft, and stretchy, but on me... they were pretty see-through. You can bet that I'll totally enjoy wearing them around at home, though! They do seem to have positive reviews on ShopDisney, so it may depend on your body type. Just be ready to pair a long top with them!

I also love this tote bag emblazoned with the beautiful logo for the second season of The Mandalorian. What makes it super fun is that it's customizable! I went with its standard settings, although I did get the large size. It's huge! It's perfect.

Don't forget your Christmas tree! I think everybody needs to have The Child represented on their tree, and this The-Child-in-pram ornament from the Sketchbook Ornament Collection would be a great selection! There's a bronze variant as well, if you prefer.

Can we also briefly talk about how amazing the season has been?? With all the rumors swirling around since the first season ended, I was a little worried about any surprises being left for us, but I shouldn’t have worried about that. Seeing characters like Bo-Katan in live action and hearing her say “There you will find Ahsoka Tano” gave me some serious goosebumps. I’m sure it won’t be quite that simple for our pal The Mandalorian, but I cannot wait to find out what happens next. And hopefully that means even more merch showing up on shopDisney soon!

Browse all of my looks on my ShopStyle page.

Thank you again to shopDisney and ShopStyle for including me in this promotion. Once again, please note that if you shop using any of the links included above, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you! Thank you for your support!



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