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Bespin Leia Disneybound & Mug Giveaway!

We're on to part two of my Starbucks x Disney STAR WARS mugs giveaway team-up with Jenmarie of Anakin & His Angel! This week, we're giving away the Bespin mug!

I was inspired to try a a Bespin Leia look using clothing I already owned. Mostly, I wanted to try the hair style.

The inspiration for this look!

My hair is pretty long, but this definitely works better on even longer hair. My hair styling skills are pretty limited (also known as non-existent) so I took a simple approach to this look and it only took me a few minutes. First, I separated my hair in two parts at the top of my ear, pulling the top half out of the way. Then, I split the remaining hair in half for two braids, looping each end up and fastening with bobby pins. Finally, I took the top half of my hair and put it in a bun.

I think Leia's dress might be closer to burnt orange than this burgundy, but it was the closest option in my closet. I used a scarf to give the impression of her cloak. Yes, this scarf has hidden Mickeys all over it.

Want this Bespin mug? Head over to my Instagram post and follow the directions to enter!

Good luck!



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