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Mando Bight: When The Mandalorian Meets Canto Bight!

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

The Galactic Coven decided to throw a space glam gala to close out (what should have been) Star Wars Celebration weekend, so you know I had to participate!

I looked at all the amazing photos posted with the #GalacticCovenGala hashtag over on Instagram, and I am so blown away! The gorgeous dresses, makeup, and mostly, dang, these gals know how to strike a pose. I almost decided against joining in on the fun, as I knew I wasn't at the same level- but then I thought, who is keeping score? Let's just have some fun.

Canto Bight (Star Wars: The Last Jedi)

The theme was to dress for a Canto Bight night out, and I decided to go with a Mandalorian inspired styling. Probably mostly because I enjoy a good rhyme. Mando Bight.

It was shockingly difficult to find an actual image of The Mandalorian in his beskar armor, so this Black Series action figure shot will have to do as our reference.

I wanted to play into the metallics of The Mandalorian's beskar armor with the sequined top and a sparkly headband that would make Blair Waldorf proud. The clutch had a bit of an appropriately Western touch, also tying into the leather straps Mando adorns. I used the strap it came with as a bracelet, wrapping it around my wrist and hooking it together.

Then, of course, I had to rock a cape.

I wish I had somewhere fancier to go and awkwardly attempt to pose, but this one-woman operation was going to have to settle with what she had around her.

The finishing pieces were two necklaces: first, the gorgeous RockLove Jewelry Imperial Credit necklace I showed you before. The second is a multi-layer mint and antique brass necklace that I made myself several years ago! I thought the colors were a fun nod to our beloved Child.

My makeup is relatively simple- silver eyeshadow, a solid wing-tipped eyeliner, and a metallic red lip. Maybe I should have done something with my hair?

I'm so glad I decided to participate in these Instagram photo challenges this week. Putting a few Star Wars themed outfits together this week was just the jolt of inspiration and creativity I needed.

And yes... I also made an Instagram Reel!

Mostly, it was so nice to see the community come together and celebrate its Star Wars fandom online, even if we couldn't all be together in Anaheim for Celebration.

Until next time!

This is the way.



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