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Cozy Cone Cookies!

I'm really not much in the kitchen, but I do enjoy baking themed treats during the holiday season. When I saw "Disney Eats Treat" as a prompt for the Fall Into Disney Style photo challenge, I decided I wanted to use this date to whip up a Disneyland-inspired treat on my own!

I browsed Pinterest, and found this recipe by Desert Chica. I absolutely love Cars Land and knew this is what I wanted to try to recreate. Best of all, it seemed straightforward enough for my very basic baking skill set.

Here are a few notes I have, based on Desert Chica's recipe linked above:

  • Could probably cut back a little on the butter!

  • Cake cookies really plump up, so roll your dough out on the thinner side.

  • Baking time will depend on how thick your dough is, of course. I kept mine pretty thin and it still took closer to 8 minutes at 350 degrees.

  • I couldn't find orange food coloring, so I used red and yellow to create orange. I believe my ratio was 6 drops of red to 25 drops of yellow.

  • I found a candy corn shaped cookie cutter that worked well to make the cone.

  • Cake cookies are the best.

After I completed a few, I realized how over-the-top sweet these are with all the butter, buttercream frosting (YUM), and candy corn, so I stopped after a few - enough for photos! - and just made some basic cookies!

Seriously, cake cookies are the best.

I've never tried the parks version of these cookies, so I'm not sure how the taste compares, but I'm satisfied as far as the looks comparison goes! Sure, the shape isn't quite accurate, but... close enough, right?

The real thing (photo from Disney Parks Blog).

Have you ever tried recreating a Disney Parks recipe at home?? Let me know!

Stay tuned for my Tokyo Disney recap soon!!


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2 comentários

Sean Omaye-Byrne
Sean Omaye-Byrne
22 de out. de 2018

Cake cookies for the win!!! 🙌

These look great!


Gary Lee
Gary Lee
21 de out. de 2018

Great job! I’d certainly give into a taste test if offered!

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