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Favorite Disney Treats of 2018!

After much deliberation... the picture above shows my favorite Disney treats of 2018! I wish I had managed to squeeze in one more trip in December (and had to make even tougher choices on this list of favorites), but it wasn't meant to be. But that's OK- two Disneyland trips, plus Tokyo Disney Resort and Aulani? Not a 2018 to sneeze at!

The photos above are in chronological order, and I do have a clear cut #1 favorite that I'll get to in just a moment. Here's a quick description of all the contenders:

  • PixarFest Celebration cake, a party in every bite!

  • The LGM candy apple really represents all the Disney Parks candy apples I've ever had. Sooo good, and they make the best take-home treat.

  • LGM mochi from Tokyo DisneySea = love at first sight.

  • This fried chicken sandwich from Tokyo Disneyland was surprisingly delicious.

  • Like the candy apple, this cake pop stands for all the cake pops. Perfection.

  • Mickey waffles!! These particular ones are from Aulani.

  • The secret menu pumpkin spice soft serve from Aulani's Ulu Cafe, dressed with candy corn.

  • Also from Aulani, of course- Mickey shave ice!


And my hands-down, definitely, absolutely, no doubt about it #1 favorite Disney treat of 2018??

The Little Green Men mochi from Tokyo DisneySea. Nothing compares. (See my whole TDR recap here!)

I'm kicking off 2019 with a trip to Orlando, where I'll be earning my Disney treats consumption after running in the WDW Marathon Weekend's 5K and 10K! Wish me luck!!

On a serious note, and from the bottom of my heart- thank you to every single one of you who have ever read my blog, left a comment, sent me a message, liked my photos, or found some other way to show me support. It has meant so much to me to have you helping me through the tough days and laughing with me on the good days.

I have some ideas up my sleeve for 2019! Happy New Year! <3

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1 Comment

Jan 03, 2019

Hey Yoko, glad to see you enjoying those Disney treats and sights at each of the parks! My family and I just finished a trip to Disney World this week, and dang, isn't New Years at Disney fun? Random question for you: Do you pin trade at all?

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