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Galactic Wide Celebration!

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

This weekend should have been Star Wars Celebration, and while we're sadly stuck at home instead, it's no reason not to share some Star Wars spirit!

Yesterday, my friend Jen encouraged everyone to post a pic what they would have worn to Star Wars Celebration on Instagram using the hashtag #GalacticWideCelebration. I shared this amazing jacket I had bought months ago, that I had been so excited to wear (even if it would have been way too hot in Anaheim).

You can find my jacket and more here.

Then, I felt inspired to make another Instagram Reel! This seriously took me almost the entire day to shoot and edit. I'm so bad at taking pictures of myself, I really need to learn how to pose. Anyone want to teach me!!

Here are a few standout items:

Not my most comfy pair of Adidas kicks, but I couldn't resist picking them up when they were on sale.

Tomorrow, I'm planning to take part in the Galactic Coven Gala, if I can pull a space glam outfit together. Stay tuned.

Please me know if you have any posing tips and tricks for me, or any ideas on other Instagram Reels you'd like to see me create!



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