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Mickey's Birthday Oreos!

Here's an at-home edition of #YokoEatsDisneyTreats!

As a Mickey Mouse loving citizen of this universe, I decided I needed to properly celebrate his 90th birthday- with, of course, the special Mickey's Birthday Oreos, because I am indeed a sucker. I picked mine up at Target (where I pick most things up, let's be honest), but it looks like they can be pretty easily found at Walmart and other Oreo-selling locations as well.

They claim to be limited edition, but let me give you pro tip: limited edition does not always mean rare!

The cookies include three different designs: Mickey with birthday hat, a big 90 with little floating Mickey heads all around it, and... what do you call that, a party horn? I feel like I only actually ever see these in emoji form. 🎉

If you're like me and love Funfetti birthday cake, then you're definitely going to enjoy these Oreos. Tastes just like that delicious funfetti icing (I never tried them, but I guess the Oreo itself is identical to the birthday cake flavored ones that came out earlier this year, but these are TOTALLY different because those didn't have Mickey on them, of course).

Have you tried these yet? What did you think? Let me know!


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