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My adorable Ewok boots from Inkkas!

I stumbled upon Inkkas via a sponsored post on Instagram (I guess they work- I also downloaded an app called Weather Kitty that was promoted to me and it was a great life decision... but I digress).

What's really cool about Inkkas? In addition to all the beautiful, colorful designs on their shoes, they are 100% handmade using sustainable, fair trade practices. AND they plant a tree for every purchase.

I finally decided to buy a pair from their Star Wars collection. There were a few different styles and patterns I was mulling over, but I kept going back to the Forest Moon Camping Boots... because, yes, adorable ewoks.

My only regret is not buying more! They are SO comfortable and well-made. And yes, adorable ewoks. I found them to fit true-to-size, but maybe go up a size if you're between sizes.

I am standing on a rock.

Since I am in love with my new boots and really appreciate the mission of the company, I applied to be a brand ambassador for Inkkas- and they accepted! Which means I get to offer you all a discount code for 35% off!! Just use YOKO35 at checkout and save yourself some dollars!

Check them out, buy a pair, know you're helping Inkkas do some good in the world and get an awesome new pair of shoes!

Already own some Inkkas shoes, or plan to order some now? Let me know!

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03. Jan. 2019

Those boots are pretty cute! Also, your photo description skills are on point. :D

Gefällt mir
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