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RockLove Jewelry Rose Gold Imperial Credit Necklace!

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

While I've admired RockLove Jewelry for a while now, I didn't make my first purchase until a couple months ago- the amazing AT-AT necklace pictured below.

You guys, its legs actually dangle & move!!

After receiving it, I wondered why I waited so long to pull the trigger! And then I bought another piece.

Last week, RockLove launched four new additions to its Star Wars collection. While they are all amazing, I instantly knew I had to get the Imperial Credit necklace in rose gold. This also confirmed (mostly to myself) that I am indeed a sucker for rose gold, as I was able to pass on the gold version that just recently sold out.

The quality and artistry are beyond what you typically see in fandom jewelry. While affordable jewelry certainly has its time and place (and I have ~plenty~ of it!), sometimes it's nice to class things up with a truly superior piece.

The packaging is a stand out, coming in a branded black box that can also serve as a display stand once you slide the top off.

It is even more beautiful in person than it is in photographs. It's still available so if you like it, be sure to grab it while you can.

Or if you want to wait (who likes waiting though?), there will be a slick black metal version coming out this holiday season too!

Be sure to also check out RockLove's new Wonder Woman and Black Widow collections- both are just stunning.

Do you have any RockLove pieces? What do you have your eye on? Let me know- I for one am desperately awaiting the new Ahsoka Tano pieces teased for HerUniverse (so bummed I missed the ring from last year's SDCC)!

Special thanks to The Child for serving as my unboxing assistant!



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