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The Mickey Mouse x Sugarfina Collection!

I was once again spoiled by a friend. She actually spoiled me over a couple of months ago, so this is a long overdue post, but I still wanted to show my belated appreciation for the Mickey Mouse x Sugarfina collection. It's a limited time collection and may be nearing its end, but you can still find it online and maybe in stores!

I received the Mickey Mouse Ears 2pc Bento Box set and I immediately fell in love with the packaging and overall presentation! I am definitely keeping the box, even if I don't have specific plans for it just yet. The pattern and silhouette automatically makes it a keeper- it demands to be repurposed!

Here's a look at how it's packaged inside.

These candy cubes will definitely find a new life once all the candy has been consumed. How cute would they be holding holding hair ties or paper clips or some other trinkety items!

Now, on to the candy itself... the white candy is Mickey's gloves, and the red one is of course the classic Mickey shape. I didn't look at the flavors first, so that I could try to guess. I was able to instantly determine that the red candy was strawberry, but the white one puzzled me a bit. My guess was marshmallow, but it turned out to be birthday cake. It's not overly sweet, and definitely geared toward adults. The texture is chewy, but not so soft it gets stuck to your teeth.

I'm not going to lie to you- you're definitely paying mostly for the presentation and the over-the-top packaging. But the flavor is good, and the whimsy can't be beat (for not being at the park, anyway!).

The rest of the Mickey Mouse x Sugarfina collection (not pictured here) includes a third cube containing berry-flavored button-shaped candy, a collector's edition diorama box holding all three candy cubes, and three different chocolate bars all covered in Mickey Mouse sprinkles.

Unfortunately, it appears the box sets are both sold out online, but you can still order the individual candy cubes and chocolate bars. They sure would make excellent stocking stuffers! (BTW- they have a super cute Sanrio collection now too!)

Did anyone else get any candy from this collection?? Planning to pick something up to gift or for yourself (no judgment here)? Let me know what you think!


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