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Special Halloween Treat Delivery!

I was recently greeted with a tasty surprise in the mail- a couple of Disneyland Halloween treats, the Mickey Mouse Mummy Crispy Treat and a Spooky Poison Apple Cake Pop! Thanks to my amazing friend who made it possible for me to have this little taste of Disneyland Halloween at home!

If you remember the tips from my earlier post, these are GREAT options to take home with you after your trip to the park- or, as my friend did for me, a fantastic way to surprise someone who is missing the parks! I received the items about a week after she bought them at Disneyland, but you wouldn't know it had been that long- they still tasted fresh and delicious.

First up, the Mickey Mouse Mummy Crispy Treat. If you like Rice Krispie treats (I certainly do), then you're going to like this too - plus it's covered in white chocolate icing and has M&M eyes. Now I wouldn't necessarily recommend it over other treats if you're at the park and want something to enjoy immediately, but absolutely worth taking home to prolong the Disney magic.

The apple on the left came from Tokyo Disney Resort- a battery operated plastic apple that lights up. It's SO COOL.

The cake pop though... the cake pops!! They come in so many different designs, and they aren't just cute. I am always so shocked at how good these Disneyland cake pops are. I had to take a photo with a bite taken out to try to show you all how delicious it is.

The chocolate flavor is delicious, the texture is perfect, and I just love it. Absolutely a perfect treat to take home and enjoy later (but it will be so hard to resist enjoying immediately, and I would pass no judgment if you aren't able to wait!). Also! If you love the look of the green poison apple, you can find a caramel apple and mug that match, too!

That might be it for my Disneyland Halloween treats this year- I had been hoping to make a trip down there later this month, but I think I'll have to wait and head down closer to the holidays instead! Definitely don't feel bad for me... I have a couple amazing trips coming up and I do foresee more Disney Halloween treats in my very near future.

Stay tuned to see where my sweet tooth takes me!

Am I losing my mind? All I see are porg faces in these poison apples. Anyone else?


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2 תגובות

15 באוק׳ 2018

That battery operated apple lamp looks amazing. Is it available anywhere else in the states?


Jason Grohoske
Jason Grohoske
11 באוק׳ 2018

I totally see a Porg! Disney has a way with putting hidden Easter Eggs in their designs!

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